The No-Brainer Guide To Creating Your Website Content

Introducing: The Website Planning Toolkit

Building your website is one piece of the puzzle.


But what are you putting ONTO the website? 


Trust me, I know how hard it can be to work out what to write, how to get your message across, and to figure out WHAT needs to to WHERE. 


That’s why I’ve created: The Website Planning Toolkit

Don't keep waiting for the perfect time

With just a little help mapping out your brand, your site and your content, you CAN get your website up and running. Without the headaches, You Tube wormholes and hair-pulling.

Let’s take a look at what the course covers

Working out the how of building a website is just one piece of the puzzle. It’s the WHAT that is going to really make your website be able to do it’s job – telling your ideal client what it is that you do. 


After 12 self-paced lessons, split into two modules, you will have the entire toolkit of website content you need to be able to tackle the website build. And the process? Will be SO much easier if you do it this way.


Setting Up Your Key Brand Visual Elements – Logo, Colours & Fonts


Five lessons to show you how to set up your key brand elements – even if you haven’t got the funds to hire a brand designer.


Create All Your Website Content – Images & Text  


Seven lessons that take you from mapping out your website, through to writing your website content, and getting your images optimised for your new website.


A Workbook With Action Steps & Prompts  


30 pages of worksheets to help guide you with writing your content. Don’t stare at a blank page again!

Who’s behind this course?​


Hi there, I’m Cathy! For the best part of 10 years, I’ve been working as a designer in one form or another, mostly in corporate-land, but also working as a team member for small business owners, and freelancing in agencies.

I became my own boss in 2012, and it has been the most successful and satisfying experience I’ve ever had so far! I love designing for others, but the learning curve I’ve been on these last few years has created a sweet spot where I truly feel I’ve got something useful to give. Although my background is design, it wasn’t specifically website design. I’m completely self-taught. All those frustrations you’re experiencing trying to DIY your website? Trust me, I understand, because I’ve been there! 


I also understand that you don’t necessarily want to learn everything there is to learn about web design. After all, you’re in business doing YOUR thing. This course does lots of the heavy lifting for you – initial design, coding and strategy. You can tweak it as little or as much as you want.

I understand the challenges of the DIY website build, because I started from exactly where you are.

When I struck out on my own as a freelance graphic designer in 2012, I jumped in at the deep end. I had some savings, a small network of friends and colleagues, and a rough idea of what I wanted to do.


I decided to build my own website, because I wanted to expand my skillset, and be able to offer something additional to my clients. Well, that was some learning curve! I experienced first-hand the frustration of trying to decipher the indecipherable. To find a blog post, or video or comment – anything! – that explains things in simple, beginner’s terms. I know what it feels like – your head spinning with code, marketing jargon that everyone else seems to understand effortlessly, and a trillion choices to make at every single step of the process.

I know what it is that you need to know, and I know how to explain it to you.

Thanks Cathy, you’re an absolute star….I’m loving working on my website now rather than dreading it. The way your course is structured is fabulous, easy to follow. Who knew building a website could be so joyous!


Liz Wilkins

Owner, The Marketing Ninja

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